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Sell an unlimited number of your original teaching materials: worksheets, quizzes, role-play cards, reading texts, audios & transcripts, grammar & vocab exercises, games, full/mini lesson plans, homework activities, flashcards, photos …


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TeachersToTeachers.Net helps you to get your products in front of thousands of fellow teachers around the world every day.


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You put the time and effort into making great resources. It’s only right that you should get far more than standard publisher royalties (8~15%).


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We use PayPal for all payments, in and out, which means quick and safe payment processing, and it also means that all your account details are completely secure.


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No waiting till the end of the month, or the end of two months. You can withdraw your earnings at your convenience as soon as payment for your products clear.


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You can decide the value of your work to fellow teachers, keep control of your product prices and change them at any time.


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A range of tools are included to help you manage your resources and store, communicate with buyers and potential buyers, and market your products.


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We’re here to help material writers succeed. That includes help with all aspects of the setup and management of your store: store design, product design, pricing, new products, business decisions and more, 24/7.


10. If You're Not At Your Desk

Your online store will be fully responsive meaning that your potential customers can view and purchase your products from any of their devices including mobile, and you can also access your account and all features from any of your devices including mobile.

Find Your Niche

It may be in General English, Business English, Kids or exams. It may be one exam, one section of an exam or one question type within a section. No matter how small your niche, your original materials could well be of value to other fellow teachers.

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