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What is TeachersToTeachers.Net?

TeachersToTeachers.Net is on online platform which helps connect teachers (or ‘buyers’) who are looking for classroom resources with independent authors (or ‘sellers’) who have original classroom materials to sell. When you shop on TeachersToTeachers.Net you choose from resources that have been created by these authors.

By providing this online platform, TeachersToTeachers.Net facilitates win-win-win situations:

  • As a ‘Teacher’ (or buyer) you win by quickly and easily finding and downloading resources that will save you literally hours and hours of prep time.
  • As an ‘Author’ (or seller) you win financially by selling the resources you have put considerable time, energy and skill into creating.
  • And of course students win too by being able to enjoy and learn from these great resources.

To buy and sell on the site, you need to sign up for an account. ‘Teacher’ accounts are 100% free – please sign up here. For more information about author memberships, please go here or to sign up as an author, please go here.

Who are the ‘authors’?

Every resource that is listed on the site is created by an ‘author’ who is usually a teacher and who has created their own original classroom materials. Each ‘author’ also has their own store page where visitors can view all the resources the author offers as well as information about the author themselves.

When you shop on TeachersToTeachers.Net you are directly supporting the authors. If you’re interested in becoming an author, please go here.

How do I shop on this site?

Shopping for resources on TeachersToTeachers.Net works the same as most online shops. You simply search the site for the resources you require, check directly with authors if you have any questions you can’t find the answers to, and then make your purchase. You’ll be able to download your materials almost immediately.

When you shop on TeachersToTeachers.Net you’re not buying from us, you’re buying from the independent author(s).

Who runs it?

TeachersToTeachers.Net is led predominantly by a small team of well-experienced and well-qualified teachers and former teachers. Collectively, we have over 60 years of teaching experience. So we’ve all been there and done it, and feel we can fully empathize with both teachers looking for materials and authors providing them. Read more about us

Where is it based?

Our business and office are registered in London, UK.

Registered Office:
60 Windsor Avenue
London SW19 2RR

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