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First Things First

Before you add a resource to your store, we recommend the following:

  1. Be sure that the resource is your own work and that you are the rightful copyright owner.
  2. One of the main reasons teachers purchase resources on the site is because they are made by fellow teachers. The assumption is that the resource has been tried and tested in the classroom and tweaked if necessary. If you have not tried out the resource with your students, it’s a good idea to do so before adding it to your store.
  3. If you are including a lesson plan, mini lesson plan or instructions (which is usually a good idea) make sure that you have not jumped too far from one step to the next. What may seem obvious to you, may not be to everyone.
  4. Double check all the content of the resource to ensure that there are no small errors.
  5. Also, please note that buyers give resource reviews for each of the following 5 criteria:
    – Fit for Purpose
    – Ease of Use
    – Creativity
    – Error Free
    – Thoroughness

Add Your First Resource

1) Select the “Products” tab in the main menu on the left. And then select the “Add New Button” (top right).

2) Make sure the ‘Downloadable‘ box is ticked.

3) Give your product a title – keep it as short as possible. Set the price, select the appropriate category, and enter a description. Think carefully about the title and your price. You can change them later but it’s far better to get them right first time. Also, PLEASE NOTE that while it is not currently obligatory, we do recommend a minimum price of $3.00 for any single resource. There are small fees to be deducted from your price and you do of course need to make a profit. However, you can offer resources for free if you would like to do so as an initial strategy to build your reputation and brand.

We suggest structuring the description area in the following way:
1. Details about what the resource is exactly
2. It’s main use
3. Additional ways it can be used if any
4. List of FAQs (for this product)
5. Any other info buyers should know

4) Select the large image icon in order to upload your cover image for your product, and select the small image to upload your product summary images. You can add product images using the small ‘+’ icon. Please see info below regarding these images.

4a) Your cover image:
1. Must be 600px by 600px
2. A solid background often works well.
3. Include the title.
4. Include the level.
5. Possibly add a small screenshot of the resource.
6. Possibly add the resource type.
(Free applications that help the production of these images include: Canva and Gimp. Searching for ‘free Photoshop alternatives’ should provide a much longer list.)

4b) Your product summary images:
1. Must be 600px by 600px
2. Extracts on a solid background can work well to present sample content without showing the entire resource.
(Free applications that help the production of these images include: Canva and Gimp. Searching for ‘free Photoshop alternatives’ should provide a much longer list.)

5) Scroll down and select the Downloadable tab. Enter the name which should be the same as the Product title. Upload the appropriate file. You don’t need to change the Download limit or expiry.

6) Now select the Summary tab. Complete all the fields. Don’t forget to submit.
PLEASE NOTE if you can’t see all the fields, click on the Policies tab and then click back on the Summary tab.

Currently, all new resources require admin approval but this usually takes less than 24 hours. We appreciate your understanding and patience.

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