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Becoming an Author on TeachersToTeachers.Net allows you to:

  • Help out fellow teachers around the world
  • Monetize the time and effort you’ve put into making resources.
  • Publish as many or as few resources as you like.
  • Set your own prices.
  • Build your own small business with zero setup and zero marketing costs.

For more details please see this page.

Account Types

There are currently 2 membership plans that authors can choose from. Please see this page for full details and a comparison of each.

Which Countries?

Access to the TeachersToTeachers.Net marketplace is not limited to certain countries – we welcome buyers and sellers from around the world.

What You’ll Need

To get started you’ll need:

  • A PayPal account – sign up here
  • Your own original materials i.e. entirely your own work
  • Some basic computer applications e.g. Google Docs and a basic graphic design application.
  • An original name for your store i.e. a name that is not already being used and that doesn’t infringe on a name already being used.
Though the option exists to change the name of your store in the future, it’s worth remembering that doing so will mean changing the name on all your published materials, it will also cost you in time and possibly earnings during the changeover. So, clearly, far better to spend a little time getting it right from the outset.

Process Overview

  1. Sign Up
  2. Setup Your Store
  3. Add Your Resources

Sign Up

1) To get started, go to this page and choose your preferred plan

2) Complete the registration form
2a) Choose a username and enter the email address you would like us to use for communications with you (this will not be made public). After you enter your email address a verification code with be sent to your email address automatically. Enter that code in the verification code field.
2b) Enter your real given name and family name, and choose a name for your store – you will see a notification to confirm the name is available or not. Please think carefully about your store name – you can change it later but if you do, you may also have to change the name on all of the products you have uploaded.
2c) Complete these fields and type in the password you want to use.
2d) Select ‘Register’

3) Check that your membership plan is the one you want. If it is, select ‘Proceed’.

4) You should then see a message on your screen confirming that an email has been sent to the email address you provided.

5) Please check your email (and SPAM folder). To get started, please follow the link and instructions in this email.

Set Up Your Store

1) Log in to your new account and select ‘Author Dashboard‘. From there, select the ‘Settings’ tab.

2) With the ‘Store’ tab selected, you can see your store name and email address. And here you can add your store logo and store background image.

2a) The logo you choose can be your photo or any other appropriate image that you would like to use to represent your brand. Keep in mind that on screen the image will appear quite small so best keep things pretty simple.

2b) Your can keep the default image if you wish or change it to another color, add a brief description of your brand (your store name will already be visible below this) and/or add some screenshots of your products. Please limit your content and your text to the mid 800px – if not your content will be very difficult to see on mobile devices.

3) To ensure that you can withdraw your earnings, you need to enter the same email address that you use for your PayPal account. Then select ‘Save’.
The Store Policies are already set and you Vacation mode is self-explanatory.

4) You’re done. Now select the products tab to add your first product, and follow the instructions here: Adding Resources .

For more on Store Policies and Vacation Mode, please go here.

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